Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20

It was Family Math night tonight in our town! It was run by high school students and teachers along with some from the elementary schools, too! There were about 30 different stations where you could solve math problems, do math/science experiments (one fun one was figuring out how many teaspoons of salt it would take to make a hard-bolied egg float-it took Tucker seven!) Here Tucker solves a number puzzle-they had three: numbers 1-100, numbers 10-1000 (by 10s), and this one starting with .01. He whipped through the first two, this one took him a little longer but he got it!


  1. We have had those too - It's called Math and Science night at our school. It's fun for the kids and helps them learn!

  2. Last year we had a Family Science Night.